Friday, October 17, 2014

DOCUMENTARY UPDATE [For you "On the Go" Types]

Yeah yeah yeah I get it.....some of you lead busy lives and do not have all the time in the world to read my long dissertation on how the documentary is coming along.  So in the interest of helping those of you who are too busy, too lazy, or have difficulty reading I am dishing out an abridged version of my previous blog.  However, this should not excuse you from taking a few minutes out of your day and getting your brain filled with something a little meatier than what you're going to get from some asswipe on Facebook.  So here you go.....the short version:

1. RESEARCH STAGE: I have been digitizing tapes for the last year or so and continue to get new stuff on a semi-regular basis.  There has also been a tremendous amount of scanning of photos, fliers, and other stuff of interest.

2.  THE GIST OF THE PROJECT: What are the origins of our local scene? When did kids stop doing Guess Who and Loverboy covers and start writing their own tunes?  Then the ultimate question is posed. Why are there so many participants in the Longview / Kelso music scene still hard at it when there's no money, fame, or recognition to be had?  Many of these participants are now approaching middle age.  What drives them? What is everyone up to today?

3.  I AM NOT WORKING ALONE: This is my project which I have long wished to do but it will not be told from my own perspective.  While my archives and personal recollections are substantial, they are simply part of a much larger puzzle.  The story of our local scene needs to be told by those who have lived it and are still living it.

4.  I NEED YOUR HELP:  You.....yes a major role in putting this project together.  Your contributions, no matter how small, are all critical to me.  Get in touch at or at and let's talk.  What do you have stashed away?


1.  VIDEOS:  I do not care if it is a show, practice, party, skit, or whatever.  All videos will be considered.  While some things may not make it into the finished product they will be a part of a website which I will assemble in the future.  Format of the video is of no concern to me as I accept VHS, VHSc, Hi8, and blah blah blah.  Drop me a line and lets talk.

2.  SOUNDS:  Anything works.....Demo tapes, cassette reels, DAT, vinyl, cd blah blah blah. I take them all.

3.  PICTURES AND FLIERS:  Anything and everything.  Send them over.  I can come to you and scan them in person or you can bring me stuff to scan.  All items will be in the same condition when they are returned to you.

4.  ANYTHING ELSE:  Set lists, lyrics, news clippings etc.  I do not care if you think your stuff is worthy because it is.

5.  CURRENT INTERVIEWS: Hopefully by next summer I will be conducting videotaped interviews with scene participants. This will be a major part of this project as I will not simply be relying on archival footage alone.

In closing, thanks to those who have participated thus far, you have all made huge contributions to this project.  To the rest of you......I WANT YOUR PARTICIPATION.  Get in touch with me and let's shoot the shit.

Chuck Roast

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