Sunday, November 16, 2014


So in an effort to prove that progress is being made on my planned Longview / Kelso music documentary I have started a Youtube channel.  I decided to do this channel for several reasons:

1.  To help me practice doing editing and other technical aspects which all the big time film makers know how to do.  I am approaching this project with as much of a D.I.Y. spirit as possible and practicing the technical elements will go a long way to helping me achieve a more cohesive finished product.

2. Just because watching all these videos is fun.  Some of these I have seen countless times over the years, but there is something exciting about taking some of these clips and posting them up for all to see.   This is not just a project for my own personal benefit but it is a way to help preserve great moments which have long sat in boxes on worn out VHS  tapes.  I have tons of stuff that I have gone to great lengths to preserve and I can do the same for you.

3.  The most important aspect is the hope that I can inspire YOU to action.  Pull out those dusty boxes.  Open those closets.  Climb into your attic and see what you find.  Again, I do not want to do this project alone.  I can only achieve something fantastic with your contributions.  I have given you easy and convenient ways to contact me.  I am always available and never hard to find.

Now….with all that being said….here's the real update.  While I appreciate all of you whom have contributed materials there is simply TOO MUCH TALK.  I keep hearing "Yeah man I will get ahold of you"……"Oh man this is going to be so awesome"……and "Oh yeah I have stuff for you."  But let's face it….until I hear from many of you it's all a bunch of noise signifying nothing.  Excuses are meaningless in the grand scheme of things.  Many of you subscribe to 'punk' concepts such as ACTION NOW and DO IT YOURSELF.  However, the reality is that once the music dies, the show is over, and the last beer gets drank, the slogans and ideals are nothing more than a distant memory.

Yes, I am fully aware of how life has a way of making us aware of our responsibilities and obligations. Back when we were all in our teens and 20s it was easy to just go wild with our impulses and live the way we wanted.  When we get older, that impulsiveness gets less accessible when the rent is due or the electricity is about to get shut off.  However, I have a passion for the project I am working on and am fully ready and willing to do the necessary leg work and heavy lifting to make it all come together.  Even though I work 40 hours a week, have bills, and obligations I have made it a point to not just roll over and let life run me over.  There are songs that have yet to be written and art to be conceptualized and I for one want to take advantage of those precious moments when I can LIVE.

So will there be a DOCUMENTARY?  That is a question that I have been pondering quite a bit as of late.  The most honest answer I can give is I DO NOT KNOW.  This project is not just me assembling a bunch of old clips together, it is much like a research project where you need as much material as possible.  When I do research I always seek to cast my net as far and as wide as possible. I am hoping that I have more material than I can possibly even work with in a film type setting.  As stated elsewhere, Spring 2015 is the final deadline for gathering, and honestly, unless I hear from a vast amount of you, I may just call it good and keep what I have gathered for my own personal collection.  This is a project I am incredibly passionate about and I apologize if some of you do not feel the same.  If you are one of those who do not respect me personally or have no love for my meager contributions to our local scene I will not attempt to sway your opinion.  Again, I am on a mission, I want to DO SOMETHING, I want to MAKE ART, I want to FUCKING LIVE. What about the rest of you?

(360)355.6425 [call me or text me I am open to whatever your preferred means of communication is]
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1.  Some of you may or may not have noticed that many of the videos I have posted contain numerous of my own projects.  This is not a calculated scheme to give myself more air time but more about the fact that I HAVE DONE A LOT OF BANDS OVER THE YEARS.  I grew up in this local scene and while that may seem corny to some, I feel justifiably proud of the stuff I have been privileged to participate in. I never got into music to make money, or to be a big rock star, and I cannot think of a single time where those notions ever occurred to me.  I have always just wanted to have fun with my friends, nothing more, nothing less.  Rest assured, more videos will get added on a semi regular basis featuring so many more great bands from around the way.  Stay tuned.

2.  On a completely unrelated note:  After several months of downtime Seattle Punk is back online.  Go visit OR and join in the discussion.

3.  Working on a new Chuck Roast cd entitled 'Blah Blah Cadabra' which should see the light in the next month or so.  I will start playing some of the new tunes at upcoming shows if there are any shows and I feel so inclined to do them.

4.  My noise project Cracked Dome is working on a split CD with East Coast noise faction A SNAKE IN THE GARDEN. This disc will be released on California D.I.Y. label Nefarious Activities.  First noise release I have done in about 4 years.