Monday, May 29, 2017


Rather than give you a long winded intro with greetings an all that I will just get right to the point.  The mood I am currently in does not allow for mirth and frivolity so I will not even bother trying to fake it.  It came to my attention recently that a former band mate chose to make a snide comment about a particular lineup of the band which bears his name.  The comment said something to the effect that it was regretful that were not as fun as we were musically proficient.  Now I could very well just sweep his dumb and unnecessary comment under the rug and move on with my life.  However, I simply cannot and feel that it is now my turn to respond.
The situation started back in spring of 2015 when I was asked fill in on vocals for some shows.  I chose to do it as it was a friend helping another friend out.  After a time I ended up being drafted to this band full time as everyone was happy with my work and I was also enjoying myself as well.  Once the drummer took off for greener pastures I was able to help fill that vacancy by enlisting an incredibly talented drummer who too the spot without much prompting.  We were off to the races and things seemed to be going well...until they weren't of course.  The bass player sort of fell off the map unceremoniously and I then added bass playing to my vocal duties.  Again, I was happy to do this because I believed in the work we were doing and took it as another challenge.  
Our namesake and band leader was having an increasingly difficult time keeping himself together at shows and was getting intoxicated to the point of not being able to pull of his end of the bargain.  There were times where it was incredibly troubling to me and others in the band.  Why can he not just drink after we play? Why not just drink a few before the show and then do what you want afterwards? We then decided to make a request that he attempt to control himself until we were finished playing and then he could get as shit faced as he wanted.
One show, he tried, and then promptly complained that we were cramping his style and that he felt maladjusted and ill at ease.  Shows continued on in much the same manner as they had previously; sometimes good; sometimes precarious; but never were they GREAT. Then of course it all came to a screeching halt at a horribly mismanaged and embarrassing show in Portland.    
I arrived much like always; stuck my head in the door and promptly turned around because I did not want to sit through the crap that was on the stage at that time.  Our band leader and namesake came out and made the snide remark 'great show man' with the implication that I had booked us a lousy show at a shitty venue.  Yes it was true that I booked the show but I only did that in the hopes we could try out some new places, test the waters with some new bands.  Why does it always have to be the same old shit all the time? You cannot play at the Chinese Garden Lounge and whatever flavor of the month sports bar is going on in Longview ad nauseum, however I digress.
We proceeded to play the show and within the first song it was apparent that our band leader was unable to play.  He blamed equipment malfunctions as the reason for his performance issues but it was clear to both myself and my other band mates that he was fucked up.  So we continue on but we can all feel the increased pressure of having to cover up for someone who is clearly in no shape to play.  It was no longer a joke, there was something seriously wrong and something needed to be done about it.
It was suggested that no more shows get booked until he could sort himself out and work on getting his skills back.  His playing had deteriorated to the point where it was noticeable to the audience and embarrassing to the players involved.  But rather than take suggestions and concerns seriously, he chose to blame the people in the band.  He felt that it had changed and that he was unhappy with the current direction of said band.  The drummer promptly quit, as he had seen this song and dance before in another band and was not about to ride it out a second time.  The lead guitarist had made his stance clear.  When posed with the question of whether or not I was quitting, I stated that maybe it was time to call his original vocalist back.  
I really did not want to hurt his feelings, this band has been his life for a long time and I somehow felt like I should help him get his band's sound back.  However, unbeknownst to me he had already been testing the waters with his former singer and seeing if he was willing to come back.  It was at that point, I found out second hand that we were all kicked out for lack of a better explanation.
In the last bunch of months, I know that he has not touched his guitar, the band is effectively dead and shows no signs of coming back.  I do not know what the future holds for this band and its troubled leader but for me I will not be making any surprise appearances or doing any more favors to aid this band ever again.  This decision comes on the heels of his recent aforementioned comments about us not being fun.
Let me state my position on a few things just so we are all clear on where everyone stands.  I am an alcoholic.  My drinking had reached a point where it was starting to affect my life and I made the choice to get my act together before I lost my loved ones along with my mind.  I went into this band and sang songs about drinking with just as much authenticity as anyone could have.  Songs about drinking are nothing new for me as many of my solo songs revolve around the topic in various ways some overtly and others not so much.  In his head however, his band is all about drinking and friendship and he felt he was not getting enough of that from the rest of us.  I make no apologies about not drinking and have never regretted a single minute of sobriety.
However, let me also state that I do not care what my friends do in their spare time.  If you want to drink I could give a fuck less.  Go for it.  I know from experience that alcohol has a strange power to help us forget about shitty times, helps us get loose, allows us to let our hair down.  If alcohol still does it for you then cool I am happy for you.  It stopped working for me and the personal costs it was exacting on me was too much to ignore.  So for anyone who has ever disparaged me for choosing to save myself....FUCK YOU.
As a musician, I have always done my best to give my all onstage no matter what band it was.  But 
let me be clear when I say that I too have had my moments of embarrassing substandard performances on stages in front of paying customers.  I regret those times because I know that I was a burden on my band mates and I was making it harder for those bands to take those next steps to whatever their goals were.  But now that I no longer drink I can focus 100% on the performance and all the elements which go along with it.  I am even more enthusiastic about doing shows because my current band mates take their work seriously and know the value of working with a clear head and know how to operate within the confines of moderation.  I would much rather play shows with people who take their craft seriously and with other bands who feel the same way.
I have lived the 'let's get as fucked up as possible' years and while it was fun when I was 21 it just does not ring genuine when you're past the age of 40.  I take what I do seriously because I want to make art and not fuck around.  I also do not feel the need to be a babysitter for people who are unable to control themselves.  So if that makes me 'half as fun' then I will take that designation and run with it because again, I take what I do seriously and see little benefit to being a drunk sweaty disfunctional mess.  I lived it hard and then I decided I wanted to be an adult.
For a small handful of musicians or artists, there are those who can somehow balance their substance abuse and the quality of their art.  For those people it works, but for many of us that is simply not the case.  I do not feel that I sacrificed the content or quality of my own art just because I stopped drinking.  But for me the choice was clear, it came down to whether I wanted to drink or I wanted to live.  I chose to live and face life head on with all the twists turns and unexpected weirdness.  In recovery they call this 'living life on life's terms' and that is the one key thing I take from recovery.  
NOW......since I am on the other side of the fence I see the physical, mental and emotional toll that alcoholism causes to many of my friends.  It is etched on your face behind your smile and your glassy eyes.  You do not need to be outed by me because you out yourself every time you look at yourself in the mirror.  You out yourself with the things you say and the things you do.  Your addiction is slowly but surely eating you alive and it makes me sad.  Some of you will be gone one day and it will be way before it was your time to go.  But I will not tell you how to live because that is for you to decide.  No one can make you want to change, you have to change for yourself.  Until that day comes or if it ever does, you will continue hurt yourself and those you care about. Those who stand on the sidelines hoping for the best outcomes for you will be affected and hurt by your choices. 
Now to my former band mate I will simply say this:  You called me I did not call you.  You came to me in a time of need and I accepted your invitation because I like to help my friends out.  Your comments about us not being fun was not only cheap but it was the mark of someone incredibly ungrateful.   I hope that one day you find peace, clarity and balance.  So with that being said I will simply say GOODBYE. 

Chuck Roast 

Saturday, January 21, 2017


The work continues as I wade rather unenthusiastically through the 1970s. However, rather than view it as a complete drag I would prefer to view it as a nut that needs to be cracked; a mystery to be solved.  This project is a series of pieces and fragments that need to be stitched together.  The key ingredient to making it work is YOUR participation.  My role in this project is to simply analyze, assemble and pay homage in the form of an eventual book and website.  Each posting on this blog has always asked for your help and unfortunately so few of you out there have gotten in contact with me.  Perhaps the word is not getting out as far as I would like it to go since I do not have a Facebook account and have to rely on others to help me in that regard.
This project for me has been a labor of love for over a year now and my forays to the library and to meet scene luminaries has been a great experience.  Thanks to the generosity of gentlemen such as Bob Kalal and Dr. Robert Thurman of The Nightwalkers and Ray Kennedy of The Furys.  Their insight and enthusiasm has been a great gift. There have been others who have also shown willingness to help in whatever way they can and I do appreciate that a great deal.  For me this is their story and its threads and tangents eventually lead to my generation and the music we have here in Longview today.  It is critical that I hear from people who were actually there because that is the only way to capture the spirit and the flavor of the times.  Again I cannot do this without you rockers who were there.
So in hopes that I can get the word out again here are some contacts which you may find useful.  The emails you send will get answered immediately or within minutes.  I do not care if you were a musician or a fan, you all have something important to add.  I am looking for photos, flyers, press clippings, artwork, recordings, films, no matter how insignificant you may perceive your items to be.  If you only have one photo or a single clipping I believe it has worth.  Everything is worth a look and a listen.  Also I am willing to meet with anyone to discuss history and recollections.  Please note that while I love speaking in person I will no longer be recording anymore interviews because I am a one man show and transcribing several hours of interviews is something I simply do not have time for.  So here we go:




Sunday, October 23, 2016


Greetings and salutations to all those who have come to read my periodic ramblings.  It has been quite a long time since I have dished out the updates and no better time to do so than right now.  There has been a lot of stuff going on at Headless Pymp H.Q.  with lots of new projects on the horizon and many others still in the works.  Being busy is sometimes overwhelming, but since its busy work in the creative realm there is nothing more rewarding.  So with all that being said, let’s get down to business and give you fair readers a dose of some news.
The research and data gathering has reached the one-year mark and no end seems to be in sight.  I am still faithfully and diligently spending at least 6-7 hours a week poring over microfilm; gathering all the local scene action.  My show list is now over 100 pages spanning 1961 to 1977, with a rough estimate of over 2000 shows cataloged thus far.  It is quite a feat to scan through it all and see the ebb and flow of the southwest Washington rock scene.  The continuing plan for the fall and winter months is to finish the 1970s, then go back to approximately 1957 to capture the early scene origins. 
The 1960 were a happening time with bands and shows happening all over the local area.  These events were geared towards the younger set and were full of vital and thunderous rock action.  By contrast, the 1970s have proven to be less of a youth phenomenon and seems to cater towards the bar scene with shows taking place at such venues as Bonnie and Clyde’s and Humps in Clatskanie.  The reasons for this shift are at this point speculative but no doubt have something to do with changes in musical taste along many of the old guard having moved onto college, the military, or mill life.  In many ways the 1970s are painful to research just because it seems like the scene is not as vibrant as it once was.  But there is still a smattering of young rockers and some old schoolers still out there doing some one off shows at the grange halls or local lodges.
One musician in particular who cut his teeth in the local 70s rock scene Jeff Pilson. Many of you may know him as the bassist of legendary hard rock bands Dokken and Foreigner.  Pilson was plying his trade as early as 1974 in such bands as Second Growth, Mojo, and the ironically titled Kix.  I have sent several clippings to Mr. Pilson via Twitter and he has ‘liked’ what I have sent him so that’s kind of cool.  Hopefully in the future I can get him to help shed a little light on the 1970s rock scene because there is a bit of mystery to unravel. While the 70s are dominated by acts doing several week engagements and multi-night stands at the local watering holes, it is my belief that there is a small scene of young bands playing high schools, grange halls, and house parties. The only difference is that the kids are playing outside the scope of local media coverage. The decade is a far cry from the 60s and has proven to be a tough nut to crack.  Once I start talking to more people I hope to make sense of this decade. 
Going back to the 60s for a moment, I have had the honor to interact with Bob Kalal of The Nightwalkers.  I have spent several hours with him and have regaled in the good times him and his bandmates were having.  He is very proud of his time on the local rock scene and loves to reminisce.  It truly has been a pleasure hanging out with him and allowing him to tell his story.  He was also very generous in allowing me to scan a photo album chock full of pictures of The Nightwalkers in action both on the stage and on the road.  I also have a 90-minute audio interview with him that I will be spending my winter nights transcribing.  Once again I must thank him for his cooperation and his enthusiasm. 
Another 1960s local rock legend I had the privilege to meet and interact with was Mr. Ray Kennedy of The Furys, King Biscuit Entertainers and a whole host of other bands.  By my estimation, The Furys are the godfathers of our local scene.  My interview and meeting with Mr. Kennedy was over 3 hours long in which he shared his musical origins, the early Longview / Kelso music scene, and his own musical journey.  He made a two disc set of all the recordings he participated in and used his music as a storytelling device which made the conversation all the more interesting.  Mr. Kennedy was also incredibly generous as he gave me records as well as the 2 cd set to take home.  He was also helpful in getting me connected with some other scene legends whom I will be contacting very soon.  Thanks to Mr. Kennedy and his lady friend Donna Zimmerman who were both enthusiastic and incredibly welcoming. 
What once was going to be documentary film has simply become so huge that no film could possibly contain it.  I feel that the research and its scope and breadth would be better suited to a book with a website for overflow of materials.  There is little doubt that I will gather far more information than I could ever use as there are many twists and turns in the story as it is.  But the goal is to be as inclusive as humanly possible because there is quite a story to tell.  As always I ask that all of you spread the word and send your pics, flyers, stories and other ephemera my way as every scrap is a part of a much larger story.  Help me get in contact with musicians, fans, friends, family etc.  I cannot do all this without your help. 
So earlier this year I made the decision to do away with the Headless Pymp Rock Alliance moniker and return my label to its original state.  There are several reasons for this.  First of which is the word ‘alliance’ is inappropriate as there is no longer any ‘alliance’ of any kind.  The extensive cast of rock and roll outlaws and weirdos simply does not exist anymore as they have moved onto other interests.  The Hickmans which at one time were Longview’s greatest rock and roll band are now but a distant memory never to return.  It was the very existence of The Hickmans which necessitated there be an ‘alliance’ of any kind.  Nevertheless, with the circus leaving town so to speak, it is I, Chuck Roast left holding the bag as it fucking should be.
The second reason is that by reverting the name to its original state I can steer this label back to what it is supposed to be.  When I started releasing tapes of my boom box recorded tunes in 1996 I wanted to release stuff that was lo-fi and comprised of experiments in sound.  Earlier this year I released my solo cd ‘Archery Uncontained’ and it was the first release to feature the Headless Pymp Recordings logo in well over 15 years.  It feels good to get back to basics and not worry about trying to assemble a gang of people who are not always of the same mind as you.  Not trying to disparage the old days and the good times therein but I need to remain true to the philosophy of my art along with the shapes and forms it may take. 
I have been compiling solo tracks for several months since my last release and who knows what form it will take in the weeks and months ahead.  Rest assured it will no doubt lead to something.  However, my instincts tell me it is time to get to work on the next Chuck Roast release and make it double CD.  So with that in mind, that is what I will do.  As far as live solo outings in the future I have nothing planned but I never rule out the possibility.  If there is a bill that needs an extra act I am always open to doing them.
Noise and outsider music has always been a part of the Headless Pymp Recordings universe since its beginnings.  The next release coming down the pike is ‘Don’t Be Sober When I Call You’ by the noise weirdo Gene Symptoms.  As a former member of the Longview / Kelso noise duo The Sunken, it was Gene’s off the cuff, and freewheeling style that was part of their most memorable recorded moments.  While former Sunken member Suicidal Tendons is delivering measured, deadly serious harsh noise in Portland Oregon as Redneck, Gene Symptoms is keeping it ugly and raunchy.  His second solo album is being billed by Symptoms himself as ‘a gangsta party by and for the outsiders.’  Keeping true to the billing, ‘Don’t Be Sober When I Call You’ is chock full of collaborations with Don Haugen, Regosphere, Cedrics Lettuce, SBTDOH, Cracked Dome and Chuck Roast.  I think those daring enough to give it a listen will find it to be a challenging yet rewarding experience.
So as many of you know Minty Rosa has been no more for quite a long time, the reasons for which are not worth mentioning here.  However, I am really excited to say that Soft Kamikaze is our new project which we have been hard at work crafting songs and putting together something that we feel is pretty cool.  I honestly believe we are taking things in a different direction, and expanding on previous excursions.  Hilarie of course is writing killer tunes as always and is also kicking ass on guitar.  I am making racket on guitar with the introduction of some noise and experimental bits.  Jeremy is a killer drummer and no one is better suited to carry the beat with such great songwriting.  Keenan is showing of his vast stores of talent as he joins us on the bass.  I am really pleased with how It is developing thus far and we hope you enjoy what we dish out.  We got our feet wet at this past summer’s Centaurpalooza and despite there being equipment issues we had a great time.  Here’s to onward and upward.
We got asked recently to reunite for a birthday party and we of course said ‘sure’.  So after four years of dormancy, we decided to put our teenage rocking shoes on and do it one more time.  After having some scheduling snafus that were not entirely of our making, we have decided to take our time and do a show after we have had ample time to put something special together without time crunches and guidelines.  Little did I know how good things were about to get.
One day I received a message from Dale which included 43 seconds of guitar parts.  His instructions were to do something with the music provided.  He stated that he recorded this snippet in a fit of hurried inspiration and that he was sure I could do something with it.  After taking it to the fellows, we immediately sprung to action and have begun writing a brand new song.  At this stage of the game the tune is largely complete we just need to find an ending.  However, I am really pleased to say that this tune seems to accurately bridge gap between the teenaged and the middle aged.  So now the floodgates so to speak have been opened and I am about to demo 2 songs for consideration and Gary [who joins us for the first time in 22 years] is also getting into the act as well.  Who knows what will happen next but suffice it to say that our next live show will included some fresh material as well as a different set list than our 2012 outing.  Glad to be playing with the fellows yet again.
I am sure that many of you know by now that I am no longer in The Lolligaggers.  It should be noted that it was not my choice and that the reasons for my dismissal are not entirely clear.  I rather enjoyed my time in the band and who knows what may happen in the future. However, for right now, I am happy to not be out playing shows so much and having to worry about other people while I am doing it. Hopefully the band gets back out there soon as it would be a shame to not continue.  I will state that I am saying this as a fan and a friend and have no allusions about being a part of said venture either now or in the future. 
That’s all for now.  It is hella late and I doubt I am making the kind of sense I would like.  If you are interested in helping me with the documentary project please get in touch.  Stay tuned for upcoming Headless Pymp Releases.  Soft Kamikaze will be playing a local show real soon go see our Facebook page for upcoming info.  Stranglefish will play when we’re goddamned good and ready.  That is all. Good night.
Cheers. Chuck Roast
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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A SUPER HUGE ROCK AND ROLE CALL. Help me find these rockers!

Like my last blog entry, this one will hopefully jog some memories for a few of you.  I am looking for these individuals as I would like to interview them for this rapidly expanding project.  In my research, have covered a vast swath of the 1960s in which have compiled some incredible information. With all of this being said here is my Rock and Roll Call to Arms.  Unlike the last blog entry, this is a greatly expanded the list and names.  Help me get in touch with these people,  as it is their story to tell and I only wish to be the curator of their history.   HELP ME FIND THESE LOCAL LEGENDS!

The Furys
            Roger Huycke / Ray Kennedy / Norm LaCoursiere / Rich Brown / Rick Dey (RIP) / Dick Niska

The Trespassers
            Doug Parker / Rocky Tidd / Robert Ellis / Susan Applegate / Richard Meredith

The Epics
            Dan Hadley / Dale Saffel / Ralph Noe / Greg Vancil / Ed Lincoln

Jerry and the E.T.s
            Stu Hunt / Joe Durand / Jerry Turner / Steve Sargent / Larry Price

The Panics
            Dean Kirkpatrick / Chris Hackett / Jeff Vancil / Steve Weedman (RIP) / Mike Cleek / Phil Pepin / Mark Roland / Ron Depriest /         

The Night Walkers
Dave Hooper / Bob Kalal / Terry McCasland / Darryl Boyles / Bob Thurman / Manny Palazzo

The Impacts
            Bruce Farquhar / Dan White / Spook Brusco / Ron Baldwin / Bill Uhlig / LaDonna Lockman

 The Cummin’ Generation
            Dave DeClue / Dan Fitzpatrick / Jim Ewing / Gloria Bristol / Rocky Tidd / Tom Kordenat

Gordon and the Goodguys
            Chuck Peckham / Dennis Kell / Gordon Mustola / Dan Hausler / Tom Jolma

The Seven Ups
            Marianne Linford / Bonnie Larson / Tammy Enbusk

The Canterburys
            Dick Carasco / Jim McClinton / Kerry Wells / Bill Lussenden / Dave Dismore / Jerry Erickson / Pat Goodbla (RIP)

The Mirage / The Nirvanahs
                    Jerry Wentz / Mike Poe / Doug Pierson / Don Sowell (RIP)

The Vitrons A/K/A The Characters
             Michelle Marianna
            Marv Mackey / Steve Green / Paul Mosqueda / Dale Saffel / Lyle Liljegren (RIP) / Michelle Marianna

The Marquis
            Rick Rockwood / Tom Traver / Mike Chatterton / Stan Swanson / Bill Green

Those Guys
            Phil Averre / Cheryl Casey / Mike Dill / Ed Lincoln / Ron Mayfield / Jim McClinton

 The Vagrants
            John Turner / Kirk Morton / Steve Johnson / Mike Knight / David White

The Humane Society
            Dean Kirkpatrick / Paul Roemer / Bob McGraw / Rick Mullen / Mike Poe / Frank Coker 

 The Commoners
            Kirk West / Gary Carter / Dave Dismore / Joe Daggy / Leon Richey / Rex Bryant / Larry Kroll / Kit Kolacek

The Spirits
            Joe Mawae / Bob Kirk / Norm Gillette / Doug Pierson / Jerry Wentz / Denny Erdman / Bill Lussenden

The Syndicate
            Bill Gross / Dean LaCoursiere / Mike Edmund / Dan Daniels / Dave Damschen

The Escorts AKA The Fantasy Coach
            Bill Prather / Gary Baxter / Rick Bodily / Kenny Orr / Steve Brown / Mike VanTongeren / Jim Rhodes / Bill Moss / Bob Kraushaar (RIP) / Craig Clark

The Genesis
            Roger Huycke / Darrell Manninen / Stuart Hunt / Bob Ellis / Ray Kennedy / Scott Ashley

The Innocent Bystanders
            Mike Poe / Rick Mullen / Frank Coker / Dean Kirkpatrick / Paul Roemer

The Black Sun
            Paul Anderson / Glen Ashby / Pat Goodbla / Cheryl Casey / Dick Carasco / Mike Dill / Norm Gillette

The Psychodelics
            Arden Geiszler / Pat Donahue / Mike Fugleberg / Dave Mercer / Loren Schneider

The Dark Ages
            Ted DeGroot / Steve Allen / Tom Setere / Rick Edwards / Craig Bottemiller / Gary Meyers

The Garden of Evil AKA The Children’s World AKA The World
            Pat Mayo / Randy Gwartney / Dave Ferrell / Bob McGraw / Gus Fernandez

The Clouds
            Mike Jones / John Ellison / Jim Karnoski / Steve Street

The Brougham Closet
            Kirk Morton / Steve Johnson / Mike Knight / David White / Joseph Daggy

The Corporation
            Gary Driscoll / Dan Daniel / Jeff Brown / Steve Phillips / Marsha Laws / Harry Childers / Bob Wiggins

King Biscuit Entertainers
            Roger Huycke / Scott Ashley / Ray Kennedy / Ron Overman / Mark Whitman / Neil Anderson

The Musical Toothbrush
            Stan Swanson / Bill Green / Mike Chadderton / Rick Rockwood / Tom Traver / Lyle Lilljegren

The Vision of Creation
            Jim Collucci / Doug Williams / Dean LaCoursiere / Dave Beasley / Tim Lowery / Gary Baxter / Bob Kraushaar (RIP)

The Butterscotch Lime
            Marc Roland / Mike Cleek / Mike Poe / Dean Kirkpatrick

The Clear Blue AKA The Psychodelics
            Arden Geiszler / Pat Donahue / Mike Fugleberg / Dave Mercer / Loren Schneider

Phaze II
            Gary Baxter / Mark Ferguson / Jim Rhodes / Mike VanTongren / Steve Brown

 Crystal Lion
            Bill Lussenden / Michael Knight / Dean Kirkpatrick / Phil Kraushaar (RIP) / Mike Poe / Jerry Erickson

The Orange Wedge
            Steve Dill / Bob Brent / John Paine / Dave Hadley / Tom Paine / Harry Rogers / Stan Lewis / Art Sartwell

All Girl Band [The Daily News did not specifically give the name of this band]
            Marlene Culkins / Cathy Griffith / Debbie Griffith / Sherry Griffith

The Seventh Seal
            Greg Smith / Steve Lundberg / Jim Hewitt / Gary Baxter / Steve Brown

            Mike Cleek / Bob McGraw / Phil Pepin / Mark Roland

The Interstate 5
            Bob Brent / Dave Hadley / Art Sartwell / Dennis Loney / Doug Henderson / Stan Lewis

The Phantom and His Opera
            Bob Ellis / Rich Brown / Jerry Lee

The Crust
            Steve Allen / Kirk Morton / Dave White / Rick Edwards

The Midnight Reign
            Allen Ledford / Harry Church / Jimi Kelly / Colin Keeney / Danny Johnson

The Split
            Bill Childers / Wade Washington / Gary Driscoll / Jeff Brown / Bob Wiggins / Steve Phillips

The Dea
            Kay Naccarato / Elizabeth Bryant / Sue Parker

 Danny and the Seniors
            Dan White / Chuck Reed / Larry Price

 Jerry and the Restuvus
            Jerry Turner / Doug Parker / Stu Hunt / Larry Price / Steve Sargent  

Paul’s People
            Jim Gates / Bill Kenny / Dick Kenny / Joe Wagoner / Bob Conboy 

The Daze of Nights
            Benny Davis / Bruce Frohn / Jim Linehan / Jerry Keirnan 

The Psychedelic Ivy Express
            Larry Krall / Kris Kolacek / Bruce Shileika

Theron Wallace (RIP)

The Fabulous Triumphs featuring Lanny Slater
The Wanderers
The Royals
The Envoys
The Vandals
The Stilettos
The Viceroys
Nancy Claire
The Chessmen
The Hoodlanders
Ramona Leichardt
Dee Springer
The Tyrants
The Chantays
The Del-Rays
The Princetons
The Marchands
The Esquires
The Invaders
The Coachmen
The Mustangs
The Bootmen
The Torquays
The Hangmen
The Exiles
The Minutemen
The Mystics
The Nomads
The Rogues
The Pharaohs
The Chancellors
What? Four
The Viceroys
Hawk and the Randelas
Nathan Hale and the Hangmen
The Little Egypts
The Chancellors
The Bent Sceptres
The Burgundies
The Tidesmen
The Syndicate Four
Theron Wallace
Paul Bearer and the Hearsemen
The Emergency Ward
The Zero End
The Skeptics
The Eye Witness
The Village Vandals
The Milk Truck
The London Taxi
The Dirty Young Men
Mystic Six
Aerial Landscape
The Undertakers
The Grass
The Spiral Staircase
Golden Hammer
White Lightnin’
The Small Town Reign
The Camarans
The White Ice

If you know any of the above mentioned people please let them know of the work I am doing.  Let them know that I would love to speak to them and get their recollections down on paper.  What information I have gathered so far is quite amazing.  I have set up a new email address that is dedicated strictly to this project and I can be contacted here at any time.  Check it out......
 I appreciate all the interest and support in this project!

Also special thanks to Dr. Robert Thurman, Bob Kalal, and Bill Uhlig who have lent their support to this venture.  It should be noted that Dr. Thurman is an author and his work can be found at Amazon.

Support an artist who continues to evolve and create.  As this project increases in scope I will continue to help spread the word about the activities of our local scene heroes both past and present.  

Chuck Roast 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Well as of last night I finished analyzing Daily News microfilm for the year 1966 and just as I suspected, the scene was jumping like crazy.  Dare I say even more so than 1965.  So many new faces joining the fray along with the established names and reconstituted lineups.  New venues, new bands, new wild sounds all capturing the spirit of youthful exuberance as it rocketed out of speaker cabinets at venues all over town.  Longview/ Kelso, along with the rest of Cowlitz County was rocking like crazy.
With all that being said I have refined my research skills and am really starting to find my working groove.  This project has become bigger than I had ever imagined and as stated in my last entry has become an integral part of my life.  This history must be captured, told, and shared.  These bands and people created the foundation and their efforts deserve to be recognized and appreciated.  So with that being said, the following section will be a roll call of sorts.  Many of the names may that of your neighbor, your relative, your friend, the person you had no idea lived this wild rock and roll life way back when.  It is my hope that you can help me contact these people, without them, their story cannot come to life.  Help me find them, and help me in recognizing their efforts and hard work.  Without further ado.......[drum roll please]........

I apologize that some of the photos are not entirely optimum but they will have to do for now.  In the future I hope to gain access to originals and rare never before seen pics.  Hopefully this jogs a few memories!

Dean Kirkpactrick
Paul Roemer
Bob McGraw
Rick Mullen

The Impacts
Bruce Farquhar
Dan White
Spook Brusco
Ron Baldwin
Bill Uhlig

Jerry Wentz
Mike Poe
Doug Pierson
Don Sowell

Terry McCasland
Bob Thurman
Manny Palazzo
Dave Hooper
Bob Kalal
Daryl Boyles

Ron DePriest
Mike Cleek
Phil Pepin
Mark Roland
Dean Kirkpatrick
Chris Hackett
Jeff Vancil
Steve Weedman

Marianne Linford
Bonnie Larson
Tammy Enbusk

Bob Kirk
Doug Pierson
Jerry Wentz
Norm Gillette
Joe Mawae

Bill Gross
Mike Edmund
Dan [print is pretty messed up]
Dean LaCoursiere
Dave Damschen

Roger Huycke
Dick Niska
Richard Brown 
Ray Kennedy

Phil Averre
Cheryl Casey
Mike Dill
Ed Lincoln
Ron Mayfield

Steve Green
Paul Mosqueda
Marv Mackey
Dale Saffel
Lyle Liljegren
Dave DeClue
Dan Fitzpatrick
Jim Ewing
Gloria Bristol
Rocky Tidd
Tom Kordenat

Stu Hunt
Joe Durand
Larry Price
Jerry Turner
Steve Sargent
Chuck Peckham
Dennis Kell
Gordon Mustola
Dan Hausler
Tom Jolma
Dick Carasco
Jim McClinton
Kerry Wells
Bill Lussenden
Dave Dismore
Dan Hadley
Dale Saffel
Ralph Noe
Greg Vancli
Ed Lincoln
Dave Dismore
Joe Daggy
Gary Carter
Kirk West
Gary Baxter
Rick Bodily
Kenny Orr
Steve Brown
Mike VanTongeren

There are yet many more that I did not mention but this is a great start! As stated previously, I would love to hear from all these people and many more.  If you know any of them, please let them know about this project and let them know that I would be honored to have their participation.  Thanks as always to all you interested parties who have supported this venture since day one.  Your enthusiasm and interest fuels me and will not go unnoticed. Peace.

Tyler. a/k/a Chuck Roast