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A SUPER HUGE ROCK AND ROLE CALL. Help me find these rockers!

Like my last blog entry, this one will hopefully jog some memories for a few of you.  I am looking for these individuals as I would like to interview them for this rapidly expanding project.  In my research, have covered a vast swath of the 1960s in which have compiled some incredible information. With all of this being said here is my Rock and Roll Call to Arms.  Unlike the last blog entry, this is a greatly expanded the list and names.  Help me get in touch with these people,  as it is their story to tell and I only wish to be the curator of their history.   HELP ME FIND THESE LOCAL LEGENDS!

The Furys
            Roger Huycke / Ray Kennedy / Norm LaCoursiere / Rich Brown / Rick Dey (RIP) / Dick Niska

The Trespassers
            Doug Parker / Rocky Tidd / Robert Ellis / Susan Applegate / Richard Meredith

The Epics
            Dan Hadley / Dale Saffel / Ralph Noe / Greg Vancil / Ed Lincoln

Jerry and the E.T.s
            Stu Hunt / Joe Durand / Jerry Turner / Steve Sargent / Larry Price

The Panics
            Dean Kirkpatrick / Chris Hackett / Jeff Vancil / Steve Weedman (RIP) / Mike Cleek / Phil Pepin / Mark Roland / Ron Depriest /         

The Night Walkers
Dave Hooper / Bob Kalal / Terry McCasland / Darryl Boyles / Bob Thurman / Manny Palazzo

The Impacts
            Bruce Farquhar / Dan White / Spook Brusco / Ron Baldwin / Bill Uhlig / LaDonna Lockman

 The Cummin’ Generation
            Dave DeClue / Dan Fitzpatrick / Jim Ewing / Gloria Bristol / Rocky Tidd / Tom Kordenat

Gordon and the Goodguys
            Chuck Peckham / Dennis Kell / Gordon Mustola / Dan Hausler / Tom Jolma

The Seven Ups
            Marianne Linford / Bonnie Larson / Tammy Enbusk

The Canterburys
            Dick Carasco / Jim McClinton / Kerry Wells / Bill Lussenden / Dave Dismore / Jerry Erickson / Pat Goodbla (RIP)

The Mirage / The Nirvanahs
                    Jerry Wentz / Mike Poe / Doug Pierson / Don Sowell (RIP)

The Vitrons A/K/A The Characters
             Michelle Marianna
            Marv Mackey / Steve Green / Paul Mosqueda / Dale Saffel / Lyle Liljegren (RIP) / Michelle Marianna

The Marquis
            Rick Rockwood / Tom Traver / Mike Chatterton / Stan Swanson / Bill Green

Those Guys
            Phil Averre / Cheryl Casey / Mike Dill / Ed Lincoln / Ron Mayfield / Jim McClinton

 The Vagrants
            John Turner / Kirk Morton / Steve Johnson / Mike Knight / David White

The Humane Society
            Dean Kirkpatrick / Paul Roemer / Bob McGraw / Rick Mullen / Mike Poe / Frank Coker 

 The Commoners
            Kirk West / Gary Carter / Dave Dismore / Joe Daggy / Leon Richey / Rex Bryant / Larry Kroll / Kit Kolacek

The Spirits
            Joe Mawae / Bob Kirk / Norm Gillette / Doug Pierson / Jerry Wentz / Denny Erdman / Bill Lussenden

The Syndicate
            Bill Gross / Dean LaCoursiere / Mike Edmund / Dan Daniels / Dave Damschen

The Escorts AKA The Fantasy Coach
            Bill Prather / Gary Baxter / Rick Bodily / Kenny Orr / Steve Brown / Mike VanTongeren / Jim Rhodes / Bill Moss / Bob Kraushaar (RIP) / Craig Clark

The Genesis
            Roger Huycke / Darrell Manninen / Stuart Hunt / Bob Ellis / Ray Kennedy / Scott Ashley

The Innocent Bystanders
            Mike Poe / Rick Mullen / Frank Coker / Dean Kirkpatrick / Paul Roemer

The Black Sun
            Paul Anderson / Glen Ashby / Pat Goodbla / Cheryl Casey / Dick Carasco / Mike Dill / Norm Gillette

The Psychodelics
            Arden Geiszler / Pat Donahue / Mike Fugleberg / Dave Mercer / Loren Schneider

The Dark Ages
            Ted DeGroot / Steve Allen / Tom Setere / Rick Edwards / Craig Bottemiller / Gary Meyers

The Garden of Evil AKA The Children’s World AKA The World
            Pat Mayo / Randy Gwartney / Dave Ferrell / Bob McGraw / Gus Fernandez

The Clouds
            Mike Jones / John Ellison / Jim Karnoski / Steve Street

The Brougham Closet
            Kirk Morton / Steve Johnson / Mike Knight / David White / Joseph Daggy

The Corporation
            Gary Driscoll / Dan Daniel / Jeff Brown / Steve Phillips / Marsha Laws / Harry Childers / Bob Wiggins

King Biscuit Entertainers
            Roger Huycke / Scott Ashley / Ray Kennedy / Ron Overman / Mark Whitman / Neil Anderson

The Musical Toothbrush
            Stan Swanson / Bill Green / Mike Chadderton / Rick Rockwood / Tom Traver / Lyle Lilljegren

The Vision of Creation
            Jim Collucci / Doug Williams / Dean LaCoursiere / Dave Beasley / Tim Lowery / Gary Baxter / Bob Kraushaar (RIP)

The Butterscotch Lime
            Marc Roland / Mike Cleek / Mike Poe / Dean Kirkpatrick

The Clear Blue AKA The Psychodelics
            Arden Geiszler / Pat Donahue / Mike Fugleberg / Dave Mercer / Loren Schneider

Phaze II
            Gary Baxter / Mark Ferguson / Jim Rhodes / Mike VanTongren / Steve Brown

 Crystal Lion
            Bill Lussenden / Michael Knight / Dean Kirkpatrick / Phil Kraushaar (RIP) / Mike Poe / Jerry Erickson

The Orange Wedge
            Steve Dill / Bob Brent / John Paine / Dave Hadley / Tom Paine / Harry Rogers / Stan Lewis / Art Sartwell

All Girl Band [The Daily News did not specifically give the name of this band]
            Marlene Culkins / Cathy Griffith / Debbie Griffith / Sherry Griffith

The Seventh Seal
            Greg Smith / Steve Lundberg / Jim Hewitt / Gary Baxter / Steve Brown

            Mike Cleek / Bob McGraw / Phil Pepin / Mark Roland

The Interstate 5
            Bob Brent / Dave Hadley / Art Sartwell / Dennis Loney / Doug Henderson / Stan Lewis

The Phantom and His Opera
            Bob Ellis / Rich Brown / Jerry Lee

The Crust
            Steve Allen / Kirk Morton / Dave White / Rick Edwards

The Midnight Reign
            Allen Ledford / Harry Church / Jimi Kelly / Colin Keeney / Danny Johnson

The Split
            Bill Childers / Wade Washington / Gary Driscoll / Jeff Brown / Bob Wiggins / Steve Phillips

The Dea
            Kay Naccarato / Elizabeth Bryant / Sue Parker

 Danny and the Seniors
            Dan White / Chuck Reed / Larry Price

 Jerry and the Restuvus
            Jerry Turner / Doug Parker / Stu Hunt / Larry Price / Steve Sargent  

Paul’s People
            Jim Gates / Bill Kenny / Dick Kenny / Joe Wagoner / Bob Conboy 

The Daze of Nights
            Benny Davis / Bruce Frohn / Jim Linehan / Jerry Keirnan 

The Psychedelic Ivy Express
            Larry Krall / Kris Kolacek / Bruce Shileika

Theron Wallace (RIP)

The Fabulous Triumphs featuring Lanny Slater
The Wanderers
The Royals
The Envoys
The Vandals
The Stilettos
The Viceroys
Nancy Claire
The Chessmen
The Hoodlanders
Ramona Leichardt
Dee Springer
The Tyrants
The Chantays
The Del-Rays
The Princetons
The Marchands
The Esquires
The Invaders
The Coachmen
The Mustangs
The Bootmen
The Torquays
The Hangmen
The Exiles
The Minutemen
The Mystics
The Nomads
The Rogues
The Pharaohs
The Chancellors
What? Four
The Viceroys
Hawk and the Randelas
Nathan Hale and the Hangmen
The Little Egypts
The Chancellors
The Bent Sceptres
The Burgundies
The Tidesmen
The Syndicate Four
Theron Wallace
Paul Bearer and the Hearsemen
The Emergency Ward
The Zero End
The Skeptics
The Eye Witness
The Village Vandals
The Milk Truck
The London Taxi
The Dirty Young Men
Mystic Six
Aerial Landscape
The Undertakers
The Grass
The Spiral Staircase
Golden Hammer
White Lightnin’
The Small Town Reign
The Camarans
The White Ice

If you know any of the above mentioned people please let them know of the work I am doing.  Let them know that I would love to speak to them and get their recollections down on paper.  What information I have gathered so far is quite amazing.  I have set up a new email address that is dedicated strictly to this project and I can be contacted here at any time.  Check it out......
 I appreciate all the interest and support in this project!

Also special thanks to Dr. Robert Thurman, Bob Kalal, and Bill Uhlig who have lent their support to this venture.  It should be noted that Dr. Thurman is an author and his work can be found at Amazon. 

Support an artist who continues to evolve and create.  As this project increases in scope I will continue to help spread the word about the activities of our local scene heroes both past and present.  

Chuck Roast 

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  1. Lanny Slater lives in Bucoda Washington and owns Slater Brother's Roofing. If you can't find him that way, his brother Kenny ownd The Roof Dr roofing company in the Olympia area. Good luck!!