Saturday, January 21, 2017


The work continues as I wade rather unenthusiastically through the 1970s. However, rather than view it as a complete drag I would prefer to view it as a nut that needs to be cracked; a mystery to be solved.  This project is a series of pieces and fragments that need to be stitched together.  The key ingredient to making it work is YOUR participation.  My role in this project is to simply analyze, assemble and pay homage in the form of an eventual book and website.  Each posting on this blog has always asked for your help and unfortunately so few of you out there have gotten in contact with me.  Perhaps the word is not getting out as far as I would like it to go since I do not have a Facebook account and have to rely on others to help me in that regard.
This project for me has been a labor of love for over a year now and my forays to the library and to meet scene luminaries has been a great experience.  Thanks to the generosity of gentlemen such as Bob Kalal and Dr. Robert Thurman of The Nightwalkers and Ray Kennedy of The Furys.  Their insight and enthusiasm has been a great gift. There have been others who have also shown willingness to help in whatever way they can and I do appreciate that a great deal.  For me this is their story and its threads and tangents eventually lead to my generation and the music we have here in Longview today.  It is critical that I hear from people who were actually there because that is the only way to capture the spirit and the flavor of the times.  Again I cannot do this without you rockers who were there.
So in hopes that I can get the word out again here are some contacts which you may find useful.  The emails you send will get answered immediately or within minutes.  I do not care if you were a musician or a fan, you all have something important to add.  I am looking for photos, flyers, press clippings, artwork, recordings, films, no matter how insignificant you may perceive your items to be.  If you only have one photo or a single clipping I believe it has worth.  Everything is worth a look and a listen.  Also I am willing to meet with anyone to discuss history and recollections.  Please note that while I love speaking in person I will no longer be recording anymore interviews because I am a one man show and transcribing several hours of interviews is something I simply do not have time for.  So here we go:




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